How to Choose Jewellery for a Christmas Gift

Christmas is considered by many to be a very special time of year. A time which is often celebrated with loved ones and close friends. Science has actually revealed that buying for others, can actually make us just as happy as if we had bought something for ourselves. Here are a few pointers on how to buy the perfect Christmas jewellery gift.

Treasure hunting – I love buying jewellery! To me it really is the best form of treasure hunting. Christmas can be a daunting time when so much commercial stress is floating in the air. Jewellery buying is different. It is great fun and realistically you can’t go too far wrong, which is reassuring. Approach it as a voyage, it is an exciting and satisfying journey. At the end you’ll have a beautiful piece which your loved one or friend will cherish. Moreover, silver and gold jewellery will always have an intrinsic value, which is good to know in times of economic uncertainty.  

Take note – If you are buying for a particular person in mind, then consider what type of jewellery they usually wear. I love earrings and rings in particular. Consider whether they like necklaces? Have you ever seen them wear a bracelet?

Style choice – I believe that a piece of jewellery which hits the perfect spot reflects a person’s personality. After all, it is a piece of artwork which is literally being worn. Does your friend like silver, gold, Bakelite, costume jewellery?  If you have never seen them wear a beaded necklace then don’t buy it, even if you like it yourself. If they like wearing white gold then you could consider a piece of silver jewellery instead. Silver is more affordable and being a white coloured metal, its appearance is pretty similar.

You could consider your friend’s taste in clothes. Does she like simple lines and forms, if so then she’s likely to appreciate jewellery which is smooth, plain and simple. Or is she bold and flamboyant? If so, my guess is she’d like a statement piece, whether it be a large cocktail ring or a chunky necklace. Colour too can be an important factor to consider. If she is a person who usually wears red then it is likely that she’ll like jewellery set with gemstones with a red hue, such as garnet and rubies. Similarly, if she likes to wear light blue then aquamarines, blue topaz and beryls would be a good choice.

Most well-known gemstones are associated with different months of the year as birth stones. For example, Zircon is the birthstone for December. Zircon comes in many different colours, with vibrant blue being very popular. If your friend likes the colour blue and has their birthday in December then finding a piece of Zircon set jewellery would have an extra layer of sentiment. 

Christmas is a time of sparkle! So, a safe gemstone bet will always be diamonds. Diamonds don’t have to be large to be special. And you don’t have to spend a fortune either. I prefer a smaller diamond which is lively, rather than a larger stone which may potentially have inclusions (feather like fractures or small grey/brown/black carbon spots).

As well as sparkle, Christmas can often be a time of year for ‘something a little bit different’. A novelty piece perhaps? Themed jewellery often makes one smile and feel special – it’s a unique piece and she will undoubtedly feel unique to own it. Does your friend have a particular hobby or like a particular animal? Cats? For example, the bracelet shown below ticks every checklist box; it has been beautifully made, material is gorgeous 18ct gold, wearable and that little bit different.

Collector – Not everyone actually wears the jewellery they own. Precious items can be enjoyed and admired from a jewellery box just as much as from a finger or ear. If you believe your friend is a collector then what do they collect? Could it be the category of jewellery ie rings or necklaces or brooches? Or is it a particular style or era, such as the swirling and naturalistic forms of jewellery from the Art Nouveaux period which interests her? Could her love of jewellery lie in a particular designer or jeweller?

Budget – A popular way to wear jewellery today is by layering up. If your budget is limited then you could buy a charm or a pendant, especially if you know your friend already has a necklace chain. If she likes wearing rings then stacking rings, often called eternity rings, can be an affordable choice. They are usually thinner and therefore lighter in weight, which has a direct impact on price.

Hopefully these hints and tips have been useful and interesting to read. Wishing you lots of luck. Have fun and enjoy! 

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    1. Thank you Benjamin, yes Christmas is such a lovely time of year. Hopefully this one will be filled with lots of fun, cheer and sparkle!

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